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Hockey 2 Hell And Back is where it all started. Back in late March of 2020, only weeks into his recovery, Brady Leavold borrowed a computer and sat in a borrowed car and recorded the first episode that changed the course of his life forever. Originally titled "Hockey 2 Heroin The Road 2 Recovery" was an instant hit quickly rising to the top of Canada's hockey podcasts. With no experience, no following, and from the depths of welfare, Brady hacked his way through 74 episodes before rebranding the show to Hockey 2 Hell And Back in late 2020. The show now airs live most Monday nights on YouTube and Facebook. The show has featured many current and former NHL players and coaches and other notable people mostly related to mental health and or substance abuse. Maybe most importantly, Brady has captured endless stories of hockey players who never made it and struggled immensely once their hockey careers were finished. Furthermore to that, through the podcast Brady has been able to connect with and connect people together as so many others share similar journeys of pain and struggle. It was through Hockey 2 Hell And Back that Brady has continually honoured and shared the stories of hockey players who have tragically lost their lives due to suicide or overdose which was the initial kick start to founding Puck Support. 

Though episodes are not as frequent, Brady plans to host Hockey 2 Hell And Back for the foreseeable future. You can listen or watch all the episodes down below.

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